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VLOG – 5 Weird Things About MisterUltimate

CoryxKenshen went and tagged ALL OF YOUTUBE in his 5 Weird Things Vlog, so I decided to go ahead and pull back the curtain for everyone. Everyone stick together, listen for the instructions of your tour guide, and please don't feed the MisterUltimate.

Year Walk – Episode 3 – The Eye of Creation

They stood in my way. Challenged me. Tested me. I prevailed against them all. Now, I will pass through the cemetary gates, and onto the church, where he awaits. What he will show me, I can not say. Glory or ruin. Heaven or hell. Life or death. I only know that I must continue. I must see. I must know...

Year Walk – Episode 1 – A Song in the Wilderness

Year Walk is a unique Indie Horror game that utilizes elements of Swedish folklore to provide an experience unlike any other. A case of unrequited love starts me on a year long journey to catch a glimpse of the future. But will the horrors of sure a quest overtake me before I reach my goal?

Let’s Play The Bridge – Episode 1

If the minds of Sir Isaac Newton and M. C. Escher had a child in the form of a video game, that game would be The Bridge. My first leap into this strange world teaches me to think outside the box in one of the most unique puzzle platformers I've ever played.