While Extended-Replay.com isn’t specifically an indie gaming site, you may have noticed that we do have an affinity for the indie game developers, and the innovation they bring to our favored pastime. However, it’s not just independent developers we support. We support independent creatives of all types: developers, musicians, composers, singers, artists, writers, journalist, actors, etc.

Independent creatives are often talented enough to be valuable to major mainstream content producers, and yet, when their audience grows large enough to gain them recognition for their work, many choose to remain independent. Sure, they are fully aware of the benefits of strong financial backing and robust promotion. However, we find that independent creatives are driven by more than monetary gains. They are driven by a passion for their craft, and a belief in the value of what they can offer.

That’s why indie creatives often drive innovation in their fields. They are willing to be unique. The are willing to experiment. They are willing to take risks. They take concepts that are unknown, or sometimes barely represented, and explore them to their fullest and most unadulterated extent. Where a AAA producer may say, “This is hot right now! Let’s do more of that!“, indie producers say, “This looks interesting! Let’s see where this takes us!” That’s why we love them. Because they continually expose us to wonders we never knew existed.

If you follow us on Twitter (as well you should), you may notice that we often tweet the hash tag #IndieUnity.  When you see this, whomever we are speaking to or about is an indie creative that we respect. Sometimes we’re asking you to sample their work. Sometimes we’re asking you to support their projects. Sometimes we’re just offering words of encouragement. In all cases, they haven’t solicited anything from us. We do it simply because we believe in them, and we hope that once you see what they can do, you’ll believe in them too. After all, #IndieUnity isn’t just about the creatives who produce independent media. It’s about the fans. The people they work so hard for, pouring their blood sweat and tears into projects they truly care about.

There are many ways to express #IndieUnity as a fan. You can participate in crowd fund projects. Always buy legitimate copies of games, music, or films, and donate whenever possible when you’re given these things for free. You can spread the word on social media, or even just show your friends the creatives and content you love. #IndieUnity is more than a hash tag. It’s a commitment to support the men and women that dare to give us something unique, both in word and deed. Because, to put it simply, when the Indie Community is united, amazing things can happen.