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    hi my name is anne and horror games are my fav so this is the forum page I went to. Im looking forward to resident evil 7. I know a lot of people think its going to be bad cause there is no returning characters which I agree sucks but the game I think deserves a chance. It looks scary and if your a true horror fan I think its a game you must check out!

    Next up, Outlast 2, the game I think everyone who likes horror wants to play NOW!! haha! But it looks amazing make sure to look at the trailer. Also I know Razorhog444 the “horror expert” will be playing it on his channel. The first game and the dlc was huge for him and its one of his favorite games of all time. So cant wait to see razor get scared and to play it myself also!

    lastly I would like to mention that yes their are a lot of great new indie horror games. Just go to the XRP crew and look at their channels (a lot play indie horror games) and you can see new free ones you can play.

    So please let me know what you think of RE7 and outlast 2! Also please let me know what games your excited for. And make sure to mention some good indie horror games as well that we should check out! thank you, and I hope everyone likes this post. Im new to this site so please forgive me if I messed up on anything.

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