• Probably, I am the main backer of this project from Minakov Mikhail – my ex partner in Dynamic Pixels.

    A few days ago, by coincidence of fate, it is 2 years from the date of the decision to exit from my company. And the deadline for the closure of the last payment on the Minakov Mikhail’s debt in payment of my share.

    And I saw such an event – Mikhail gaining new debt and gives new promises on Kickstarter.

    11 years ago we started with Minakov Mikhail game company named Dynamic Pixels, and worked for 9 (!) Years together… In the end, Minakov Mikhail was boss in sales office Moscow, and I was a development office in Voronezh.

    When our business stay more stable, Minakov Mikhail, with the help of his father – a CFO of Dynamic Pixels, reorganized the ownership structure. So I became not legally protected – temporally as they said. But we startupers – we were not up to legal technicalities, we have a lot of work and a good relationship!

    Working at trust until 2013Q2. I was ignored in another try to bring the ownership structure in the order. Aditional – our strategic views became different.

    Having released all the current projects and assisting in obtaining the contract for a large project, I have decided that it’s time to go their separate ways. Good solution for both.

    I had to take one of the sugested exit scheme by Minakov Mikhail (I hope you understand why). And also he refused to sell his share in the company on the basis of the his own assessment.
    Moreover, Mikhail has asked installments for 2 years (for 2 years company was provided with cashflow, with skilful management). He even made a few payments with a few monthes delay.

    The result of so friendly exit: 1.5 years as Minakov Mikhail not pay his debts, and more than a year did not get in touch.
    He did not apologize. Do not asked me to wait more. At the same time, as far as I know, not in poverty. He continued to receive cashflow and use expensive loyal traffic from our products, use mine team and office where I made repairs by my own hands.

    Our last meeting in early autumn 2014 ended with the phrase “no money.” Mikhail prudently did not come to the meeting on the new expensive car (about which I has already known from the my team). In his hands was the money, much more than he asks now – and where are they?

    I have not disclosed the situation, do not headhunt my ex team. Despite the fact that delays and “ugly” behavior began from the first day of my exit – I was patient. I hoped that Minakov Mikhail not a crook. Still, we starts from zero and worked 9 years together and agreement more than money.
    Minakov Mikhail has to pay the debt, otherwise it is not the legal full owner of real Dynamic Pixels and this project too.

    My 2 years non-intervention – does not give the possibility to refer, the fact that something has gone wrong because of me.
    But the time has come – community should know with whom has a business relationships.

    Mike Bazhenov,
    co-founder, co-owner (2004-2013-?), ex CTO (2004-2013) of Dynamic Pixels

    • I have to say, I never expected to read a comment like this on a Press Release. It’s practically an article in itself. It made for an interesting read to say the least.

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