Introductory Blog by TheCrimsonGamer

Hello everybody, my name is Bailey aka The Crimson Gamer. I am the newest member to’s “XRP Crew”. I am making this blog just to tell you a little bit about myself.


How I became a member of the XRP Crew:

I am very close friends with Razorhog444 on YouTube and have been for quite a while. I watched his one YouTube video that talked about the Extended-Replay website and I was immediately interested in the site. However, when I first looked at it,  was a bit confused and did not know how to apply for a position there. Recently, I decided to go back onto the site, and give it another shot. I sent an email to MisterUltimate and from there we began discussions about possibly joining the Crew. That same day, I was accepted into the XRP Crew and I headed straight to work!


A Little Bit About Myself:

My name is Bailey Pinheiro, I live in Ontario, Canada, and I currently go to high school. Starting a YouTube channel while still in high school is an extremely hard thing to do as most people prefer to watch the older YouTubers. However, I decided to give it a shot and started my own YouTube channel initially called “Crimson Gaming”. The original purpose of the channel was to gather crew members from my Indie film company “Crimson Productions” and we would all game together. Later on throughout the channel, I noticed that it was mostly me posting videos so I just decided to go solo with the channel, which created “The Crimson Gamer”. Since then, I have completely focused the channel around myself and I thrive in helping others in the YouTube community. Last I checked, I had 211 YouTube subscribers and 5.9k total video views. I have been gaming since my childhood and realized that I had a passion for it. I am also a Game Developer and I am currently developing a game on GameJolt tiled “School of the Dead“.


Upload Schedule:

I won’t lie, my upload schedule is probably the hardest part of my channel to maintain. I upload 7 videos a week, what I consider to be a full-time schedule. There have been times where I go on hiatus and do not upload videos from a span to 1 week to a month. This is because either I am dealing with a great amount of stress or I lost motivation to record anything. When returning from my most recent hiatus, I made the decision to only upload 4 days a week (part-time) on my channel. That upload schedule has recently been uplifted and I was able to once again upload 7 videos a week. To this day, that is my current upload schedule.


Current Let’s Plays

Throughout the week, I usually have 2 Let’s Play series on my channel, a Main series, and a Secondary series. The Main series (which is currently SOMA) will be what I play for quite some time and could last for several months. I upload a main series episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My Secondary series (which is currently various Indie Games) will be what I play usually only during that specific week. I upload a secondary series episode every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Sunday however, I do something unique. I have a series called “special sunday’s” where I will take a game from a discontinued Let’s Play series and play it another time, either as a one-off or it could lead to the revival of the series. I am willing to play any genre of games as long as I have the legal permission to do so.


My Role in the XRP Crew:

My role for the site will mainly be posting reviews for games. I will either be doing a video review or a written one. I will likely be doing more video reviews than written reviews. I say this because doing gaming videos are something I know how to do very well and I don’t have much experience in written reviews. I will still be doing both, however. I would like to personally thank MisterUltimate for letting me in on this excellent opportunity and I bid a hello to the rest of the XRP Crew.


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