Tera Review


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Game Play and Mechanics


Visual Style and Quality


Sound Quality


Story Elements


Multiplayer Elements


Fun Factor


Replay Value



  • Dungeons Are Well Made
  • Raids Are Interesting
  • Variety Of Cool Costumes
  • Weird, Random, And Cool Mounts
  • Endless Fun! (Gameplay Wise)


  • Difficult PVP
  • Almost Too Many Group-Up Quest's

If you’ve been looking for a different MMO/MMORPG to play, I suggest Tera!

Game Play and Mechanics: 10

When I started this game, I knew I was going to love the gameplay from the beginning. When you start choosing your class, it tells you how hard each one is to play. To represent the difficulty, it shows stars next to the class description so you will know how hard it is to play and get used to. I played all the classes, just to check out how much of a difference it is on each difficulty. My first character was a Warrior, because I’m not used to all that spell casting and healing. The difficulty can vary between people. The mechanics of this game can be pretty difficult as well. I wouldn’t compare it to any other game’s mechanics. The dungeons are unique in their own different way, as well as the “Hard Mode” of each dungeon. I also think their raids are well made, and well thought out. They spent a lot of time on this game. I can go on all day about Tera’s gameplay, but then this part of the review would be two pages long. Haha! But in the end, I give gameplay and mechanics a good ten.

Visual Style and Quality: 8

I think the visual style is kinda like anime/fantasy/adventure. Not so much the anime part, but they kinda make it seem that way. I think it leans more toward the fantasy/adventure side. It just has more of that questing and dungeon feeling to it, and not that cartoon kinda feeling. The only thing in this game that seems kinda cartoonish is some of the costumes and mounts. Don’t get me wrong. I love any mount that looks cool or is hard to get, but if it looks too cartoonish or lame, I kinda lose interest in that “Mount” category. The visual quality always amazes me, no matter what it is. It could just be a wide open field and the game still looks amazing. Even if it’s a pathway into a main city or the stables. I give visual style and quality an eight. I think the graphics and style are awesome, but there are almost too many cosmetics in this game.

Sound Quality: 6

The sound quality was great in the beginning. When I started getting to higher levels and began doing dungeons and raids with seven or ten people, the sound of the clashing, blocking, hitting, spells, and abilities started to overlap each other. Over and over, probably fifteen times you would hear a monster get hit within a second or less. You might get hit and knocked down once, but you might hear it three times when it happens. I mean, I love the sound and some of the music, but I think these monsters and bosses can take a few more hits before saying ouch fifteen times. I currently have no complaints about the music, as it is perfectly synchronized with walking in and out of a main city and such. I gave sound quality a six, because when you’re going to be fighting monsters most of the time, you’ll be hearing a lot of “AGH, OOF, AUGH!” And then you’ll get tired of hearing it.

Story Elements: 7

The story in this game is kinda hard to follow. There are a lot of side quests and repeatable quests in this game along with dailies, reputation quests, alliance quests, and main story line quests. To put the long story short, everyone is pretty much under one government. Everyone is constantly going to fight off the evils of the land and kill their leaders. As you journey through each zone, you’ll start catching on to the story line more and more.  If you are a lore addict and love to read or keep up on lore and what’s going on, stick with the story line and non-repeatable quests. You will have all the lore you can read. There are also quests you can get on almost any bulletin board you find. Some are guild quests and some may be crafting or monster killing quests. Honestly, I do any quest I come across because I love achievements and lore. You can also get titles and mounts from achievements, which is why I suggest doing any quest and every achievement!

Multi-Player Elements: 9

Well, multi-player elements of the game are kinda hard for me to describe. There are a lot of pieces and parts to the multi-player element. I think one of the main elements is grouping up with friends or random people for quests. It is not very hard to find a group for a difficult quest in this game unless you are on a low-populated server and there are not many guilds around. There are a lot of quests in this game that require more than one person. I’d say they made this game mainly a group-up-and-quest kind of MMORPG, but there is a solo side to it. There is also a social side to this game, for sure. Once I saw costumes, I knew this game was going to be big on the social element. Everyone is constantly talking about how cool each other’s costume or mount is, or making friends in the main city. The social aspect of the game fits right in with the multi-player element, because you’re constantly questing and leveling around other players and having fun! Your game experience may be different compared to mine, depending on whether you like the solo or questing/grouping aspect more. Or maybe even the dungeon or raid aspect. I gave multi-player elements a nine, because there is almost nothing missing in this aspect of the game other than there are almost too many quests that require you to group up when you want to quest alone.

Fun Factor: 9

I don’t even know where to start on this subject, because everything is so fun! I’ll start off with dungeons and raids. Like I said earlier in the gameplay subject, every dungeon has its own unique bosses and surroundings. Even in their hard modes, it might be the same boss, but they’re going to hit a lot harder and might have different fight mechanics. I can honestly do any raid or dungeon all day, just because I enjoy each one so much. They even have hard modes for raids! Of course, in the harder modes, you get better loot. It really tests the skill of your friends, guildies, party and raid members. I would suggest doing every normal mode dungeon/raid before moving on to the hard modes. Even in normal dungeons I have not been to, I have to bring an experienced guild member, because sometimes no one in the party knows the boss mechanics. Even if you have a newbie group, it’s still fun learning the fight and the dungeon. Another fun factor in this game is leveling and quests. I love quests and leveling. It tells you more about the game’s lore and what’s going on, plus it makes you feel more in touch with the game. I gave fun factor a nine, because there is not one thing in this game that I dislike… except getting killed.

Replay Value: 9

Let’s get straight to the point. What keeps this game fun to me and makes me want to keep playing are my friends and guildies. Also the quests, raids, and funny costumes! There are many elements of this game that I love, and very few that I hate. Which is why I can keep coming back and playing for hours on end. The quests are so well-made and put together in this MMO, I would replay every quest, daily, reputation quest, and story line quest as much as I could when I’m not busy on the game. The guilds and people on here are awesome and friendly, but just like any other MMO, there are going to be those un-friendly people who think they’re all that. But I can say with confidence, that there aren’t many of those people… unless you’re actually looking to pick a fight, and think you’re “top troll”. Back to the main point, I gave replay value a nine, because there’s a lot of different stuff you can do, and many different classes to choose from. There are many different areas, gear, quests, and much, much more!


To be honest, all I can say is this game is awesome. I love playing it, even if it’s a repeat of stuff I have already done. I can come back a second time, and I’ll find something I missed along the way, such as a quest or rare mob, or even a random notice-board in the middle of nowhere. I really do think they spent a good amount of time on this game. The graphics are amazing, the sound is decent, and the story line is not too hard to follow. To add awesomeness to the game, I must say it is free-to-play! There are some things that you can buy with $real money$ , but it is nothing gear-related. It’s mainly boosters for reputation or experience. Not to mention costumes and mounts, and other random miscellaneous stuff!

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