Addressing my Future..

Hey guys, I’m Crimson but you can call me Crimz! And I know this is probably an unnecessary post but I personally felt that I needed to make it.

Now, I joined Extended-Replay in November 2015 after being introduced to MisterUltimate and the site by my good friend, Razorhog444. I wish I would be able to say I did a lot to help the site grow and expand! Sadly, that is not the case.

I feel a tremendous ton of remorse as I have not done any reviews or posts on the site since joining, it makes me feel almost like extra dead weight.

Now, I know I’m not the only person who hasn’t done much since joining, but when I think deep down about it, we are now in 2017, and I joined in 2015. I have accomplished nothing when in reality, I should’ve had at least one video out.

Of course, a lot of the reasoning is me neglecting to really do anything about it. At the same time, I have been really busy lately. I’m a Grade 12 high school student and I am getting into exam month, which means a TON of studying for me. I can barely even manage to get videos out on my own channel sometimes, which is something I take very seriously. Another big thing that has definitely been keeping me down is work. I am, well, meant to be a Part-Timer and my work but they make me have a Full-Time schedule. I’ve tried to talk to my manager about it and nothing really ever seems to change. It’s unfortunate and it really makes me sad that I cannot contribute to the site like everybody else.

With that said, I’ve decided that is in fact time for a change, as I have been in talks with MisterUltimate to work on my very first “30 Minutes of Indie Horror” series. I’m looking to hopefully make my video on something fresh, new, and hopefully really damn scary!

So in conclusion, I really just wanted to address why I haven’t been doing much with the site since I joined and give the heads up that I’m finally ready to start getting more involved. Thank you to all who managed to keep reading this ’til the end. My names Crimz, singing off, See ya next time!

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