Join the Crew!

Hello Replayers!

MisterUltimate here. I’ll cut to the chase. I need more content creators, but as an all volunteer crew, finding writers, reviewers, artists, streamers, etc. is quite difficult. In fact, it’s kept me from putting out this call for quite some time now.

But, I figure if I’m passionate enough about gaming and how it brings people together to do this, surely there are others that feel the same way. So here is what I need. GAMERS! That’s the most important part. People that are genuinely excited about gaming. However, to focus it a bit more, here are some of the types of content we need specifically.

Gamer Reviewers

We have a list of review criteria that we like for reviews that helps us cover all the bases. You can read that here, along with our Review Policy here. Aside from that, the main things you need to be effective in reviews are:

The ability to be objective & honest. Can you see the flaws in even your most favoritest game?

The ability to be thorough. Are you willing to play a game for several hours to give a fair review, even if you know you don’t like it 30 minutes in?

The ability to make words good. Can you explain your opinion with more detail than, “These graphics suck,” or, “The music was good,”?

Commentary and Editorials

I need people to write opinion pieces. People who are willing to share and explain their thoughts with eloquence and style, and then throw them to the wolves of the internet and watch them die a slow agonizing death. Or, I dunno, be accepted and discussed by civilized people. Anything is possible.

Artists and Cartoonists

I love art, and I love comics. I always wanted to be able to give talented artists a space to show off their work on a regular basis. So if you have a sense of humor, artistic talent, and the notion of making gaming related single panel or sequential comics, drop us a line. And even if you don’t do comics, but have ideas for other types of art you think would look awesome on the site, let me know that, too.

People who do other stuff!

There is room on the site for many other forms of content. Want to do developer interviews & Q/A? Want to do a series of blogs on your experiences with Early Access games? Want to write satirical pieces on the state of the gaming industry, and its effects on consumers by causing an ever decreasing allotment of entertainment value per dollar spent? If you have an idea that you think might work, tell us about it.

Now then, if you are interested, here are some things you need to know about XRP!

The “Tone”

You might notice that things tend to lean towards the humorous side more often than not. Sure, serious things can indeed be treated seriously. However, in general if you want to join up, being able to see the funny side of our favorite hobby here will help a great deal. After all, fun is the whole point, isn’t it?

We also try to keep things PG-13. Profanity is allowed, but we try to use it sparingly, and with panache. Just remember, the F-Bomb isn’t the only adjective and/or exclamation in existence.


Everyone being on the same page is important. Nothing is too rigid around here, so someone wanting to do everything “their way” instead of doing it in a way that helps everyone, or refusing to take a little time to share something another person has done just doesn’t make sense.

We all represent XRP. We all follow the few guidelines there are. We all stay in touch. We all do our part. I want to go into more detail, but honestly, this is as basic as it gets.

Our Stance on “isms”

Of course, the site is free of racism, sexism, etc. In general, we try to avoid things ending in “ism”. Basically, common sense rules the day here. If you can’t discuss, for instance, someone’s lifestyle or spiritual beliefs without saying their choices make them an idiot because you skimmed a Wikipedia article and you half remember a quote that sounded pretty smart, then maybe you should just reconsider saying anything at all. I know people that have radically different lifestyles, beliefs, political views, and sexual orientations than my own, and yet I am able to treat them with respect, and in many cases call them friend. In fact, in some cases, I call them family.

This extends to rabid fanaticism for your platform of choice. Looking down on other gamers because they “game” differently than you is just bad form. After all, you don’t see me criticizing people who use other platforms just because I’m a member of the GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE do you? *ahem* Moving on…

The TL;DR Version

In short, want to join up here? Shoot me an email, and let me know what kind of stuff you want to make, and we’ll discuss it.

Email address? I’ll give you a hint. I’m MisterUltimate, and I work at Get it? Awesome. Can’t wait to hear from ya.

Until next time,
I remain,