About Us


Greetings Replayers!

We thought we should take a moment to introduce ourselves, just in case you’re new around here. So, without further ado…

Who We Are

We’re just a group of fun loving gamers that, as unlikely as this may seem, really, really like gaming. We’re different ages. We took different career paths. We have different beliefs. MisterUltimate has that weird thing with clowns. But when we game together, none of that matters. It’s all about fun, friendship, honor, fidelity, and avoiding clowns at all costs.

Why We’re Here

First and foremost, to share our passion with others. We believe that gaming is about more than having fun. Sure, it started that way untold millenia ago with the very first game of ‘I Throw Big Rock Farther Than You Throw Big Rock’. However, as time marched on, gaming has evolved into something greater. Gaming allows people to share the thrill of competition with each other, in spite of what other differences they may have, and find common ground. In short, gaming brings people together.

And that’s why we started what is, and let’s be honest here, yet another gaming website. Because gaming has brought some amazing, unforgettable people into our lives, and we want to share that with even more people.

And as a nifty side effect, we’ll get to share some awesome news, reviews, commentary, and let’s plays along the way. So even if you aren’t the social type, stick around. We’ve got cool stuff to show you.

Why You Should Care

C’mon… If you didn’t care already, you wouldn’t have read this far. Right? Amirite? Ah, you know I’m right. You think we’re awesome. And hey, not only are you as right as you ever will be about anything, ever, but we think you’re pretty awesome yourself.

So… Yeah. Welcome to our place. Make yourself at home, and feel free to help yourself to the fridge. We’re about to do, I dunno, something epic.

Oh, and if you could stay vigilant against the threat of sudden clown outbreaks, that would be awesome.

With love, chest bumps, & harmony,
The Extended-Replay.com Staff