Elder Scrolls Online Guild

Awaited in Valhalla


Be Helpful. We were all new once. If you can help, consider doing so.
Be Respectful. No guildmate should ever feel harassed by another.
Be Civil. All guildmates are expected to be able to agree to disagree.
Be Appropriate. Keep guild chat free of politics, religion, race, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a group going in this guild?
A: While in-game guild chat and whispers are OK, they are easy to miss. So, we recommend asking via Discord in the #awaited-in-valhalla channel tagging the @LFG ESO role. You can also ask an @admin to be given the @LFG ESO role to be notified when people are looking for groups.

Q: I’m still ranked as a Recruit. How do I get promoted to Member?
A: Simple: Be active in our community! There are several ways to do this both in-game and on Discord. You can group up for quests, dungeons, etc.. You can join in on discussions in guild chat, answering questions or even just making conversation. You can be active in text or voice chat on Discord as well, whether it’s a game-related channel or not. If you are doing this, you will most likely be promoted soon. If not, feel free to send a GM or Officer a message.

Q: Can guild members access the items stored in the Guild Bank?
A: Most items are available to members upon request, with select items being withheld for guild events/giveaways. Members ranked Veteran or above are able to withdraw and distribute items. Requests may be made in-game or via Discord. Potions, food, and drinks are limited to one stack bi-weekly. Furnishing documents, food & drink recipes, style & motif pages, and rune boxes are limited to one copy per player. While crafting material is generally first-come, first-serve, we do ask that members use discretion in their requests.